Digital Marketing Services & Solutions for Local/ Small Businesses

Tailored to your business, targeted to your ideal customers

Can your customers find your business online?

The foundation of any digital marketing strategy for local business is to understand the customer "online" search journey



Customer looks on Google for a product/ service they need


Customer sees your business listed in the search engine

Customer checks out your reviews, social media, website, etc.


Customer calls to inquire, visits your business, and/or makes a purchase

What are your business goals?

With your customer's search journey in mind, we can develop your own digital marketing strategy to increase:  

  • Calls

  • Door traffic

  • Sales

  • Customer Loyalty

Next steps?

Hi ! I'm Micaela ( like Me-kay-la)

Hi there !! I'm a Local Marketing Specialist and Web Traffic Analyst from Los Angeles, CA  and I help small/ local business businesses find and retain customers through digital marketing.  

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