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Do you believe that marketing your business online is important?

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Well, you and I definitely have that in common and it is a pleasure to meet you!!

My name is Micaela Hayes-Walker. I am a local marketing specialist and web traffic analyst (also a personal development enthusiast) from Los Angeles, CA.


I help local/small businesses increase their call volume, their door traffic, sales, and customer retention through digital marketing strategies tailored to their business goals. 

So I basically help to drive and attract customers to your business so that you can focus on... your business.

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My services most benefit those who:

  •  Are passionate about their product or service ( not just chasing the money)


  •  Are newbies to digital marketing and don't where to even begin  


  • May have some idea of how to apply some digital marketing strategies but need some guidance to take their online presence to another level.​​


  • Manages a business and have been asked to assist with  online marketing efforts

Case Study

Below are a case study and results I was able to get for a local childcare. When I began to work with the owner, there was not an online presence for the business.  The owner depended solely on word-of-mouth and passing out business cards and fliers.

For any local business to build a solid foundation for its online presence, a presence on Google needs to be established (at least). The metrics within Google is a great source to see if any digital marketing strategies are working.  No matter which digital marketing strategies are used, the main indicator of success is an increased ROI (Return of Investment)

My client's goals help me determine the best strategies to use. 

In order to get results, I needed to know what she wanted my marketing services to accomplish for her.  She was interested in getting more quality calls from parents who were serious about enrolling. This, to her, meant that she would be able to retain them longer in her program. She also wanted to target and increase enrollment for children, ages 2-5.

So with this in mind and doing some research, I found that childcare needs are mostly needed by "millennial" parents. Millennial parents searched for childcare online 90% of the time.  This childcare was a competitive disadvantage with having no online presence.  Any parent looking for childcare online in her area were referred to another childcare 10 miles away!

Taking into account the online "search journey," I placed the childcare on Google and optimized its business listing. I added high-quality photos and made sure to add more business details than surrounding childcares. This included using keywords or "search terms" potential clients may be searching for when looking for childcare ( and her unique services) and placing he childcare on Yelp. (Google often refers to Yelp to decide whether or not to "recommend" a business in search results). Lastly, I set up the childcare on Facebook, since parents also look at this social media platform during their childcare search.



Within a week, my client came up in 192 searches. The "green" section represents those who already knew about her childcare and wanted to get more information by searching the childcare name. Had we not added her childcare to Google, my client would have missed 192 opportunities to connect with interested parents.

Not only was my client found on search results, but her childcare was also found on Google Maps.  If anyone was looking for another business in the area, my client's childcare would still show up as one of the businesses nearby.


There was an increase in website views, directions requests, and calls. My client actually reported 45 calls within this quarter. Most times potential customers call a business after other times of contact (whether it is online or offline)

In conclusion, my client is ahead of her competition based on the custom online marketing strategy I used. Every industry is different along with its customers. So I take into account the industry, how the customers look for products or services for that industry, what the competitors are doing, and the uniqueness of a business in order to create a unique strategy. Every business has its desired goals. I help uncover the roadmap to get those results.

No more throwing tactics & strategies at the "marketing wall" hoping something sticks. Find out how your business measures up against your competitors and how to reach your ideal customers.
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