For Education Professionals

This page is for anyone who owns, manage or is in charge of marketing for the following:

  • Home Childcare/ Daycare

  • Child Care Centers (1 location or multiple)

  • Preschools

  • Summer Camps

  • Before and after school programs

The education field is very important to humankind. Without dedicated and passionate education professionals, such as yourself, can we progress as a people? Although this is a known fact, many education professionals still have to worry about having full enrollment and making sure they present their services as "the best" for the children.


Coming from the education field myself, I understand the patience and hard work it takes to ensure a smooth-running program all while providing a great learning experience for the children. However, I also understand that you have to make sure that your business HAS the children enrolled to keep your business open. This can be both frustrating and stressful, but rewarding when you successfully enroll a child in your program.

What are you doing to market your program?

  • Word-of-mouth or referrals?

  • Traditional marketing? (i.e. advertising in the local newspaper, classified ads)

  • Passing out flyers and business cards?

  • A prominent business sign?

  • Community networking?

  • Online Marketing?

  • Nothing? ( I sure hope not)

Social media marketing helps preschools, childcares get more children in the classroom

As you may have realized, marketing your program is very important. More and more programs are opening and the market is getting really competitive. So if you only use offline ways of marketing ( i.e. the list mentioned above), you are putting your program at a competitive disadvantage.


So let me put this in perspective for you and take a look at the current "parent" market...


  • Most of the parents, looking for care for their children, belong to the "millennial group", ages 21-35

  • Most of these "millennial parents" use the Internet as part of their decision to use a service

  • Most of them use online customer reviews to decide whether or not to even consider a business

  • Parents are now more educated on quality and what to look for in a daycare, childcare, preschool, etc.

Every day, these parents are looking for YOUR type of program. Whether your program is in their desired location, you can care for their infant, your program offers the hours that accommodate their work schedule, or even if you specialize with special needs care, your program could be exactly what parents are looking for. It would be so helpful to those parents if they can find you and/or get a closer look at your wonderful program.​

So how can you reach these parents?


Marketing your business online 

Marketing your program online doesn't have to be the ONLY tactic in your marketing game plan but it definitely helps other forms of marketing you may be currently using. Let's look at some benefits for marketing your program online.

5 Top Benefits of Marketing your Educational Program Online:

happy parents and children are both the goal for the education field and social media managers who help them


  • Having a website and a social media presence helps sell your program 24/7. This is like having a salesperson on the job who doesn't take any sick days or vacations. Its always encouraged to have human interaction with the community, however, your online presence sells them on your program even more.


  • .You have the ability to convey what your educational program is, how it is different from other programs, and visually show the learning experience. One of the many concerns parents have is what their child's day will look like and visually -appealing photos on your social media channels cover that.


  • You are able to monitor your program's reputation. Parents are cautious when it comes to placing their child in someone else's care. Studies show that 90% of parents rely on online reviews when looking for childcare. Reviews ( from review sites like Yelp) can either make or break your program's reputation. Monitoring your online reputation allows you to use positive reviews from past clients and it allows you to quickly address negative reviews and offer a solution.


  • Your program automatically earns respect as a trusted establishment. If parents can find your program on multiple sites, this helps them to view it was a legitimate place of business.


  • You can reach more parents using less money (or sometimes no money) so you won't deplete your marketing reservoir. Marketing your program can be expensive, especially when you are not seeing a positive return on your investment. Social media marketing is a very low-cost way to market and usually has a high return on investment. 



So the point that needs to be driven home is: Offer parents something to look at so that they can sell themselves on your program.


Free Download: Childcare Marketing Guide & Checklist

Learn more about the basics of marketing your childcare or center with this childcare marketing guide and checklist. 

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